Whether making patient cushions and straps for MRI machines or cooling hoods for head-trauma victims, PTS has the experience and know-how to create custom fabric solutions that meet your demanding specifications. Our clients include hospitals, universities, research foundations and more.

The advantages of working with PTS include:

Fabric selection – We can advise on the best fabrics that can withstand repeated washings, ultra-violet light or chemicals associated with the medical applications.

Construction recommendations – From hidden zippers and hook and loop closures to foam inserts, we can help you design your fabric part to best meet equipment and patient challenges.

In-depth know-how – Whether you have an idea in your head or a detailed drawing, we can help you bring it to life (read our Success Stories to see how we’ve helped other customers).

To learn more about our services or to see if we can help you develop custom fabric solutions for your applications, give us a call at 888-645-0235 or send email to contact@techsewing.com.