“Although the original schedule was extremely tight, PTS provided the [DoD] cover within contract cost, of excellent quality, and one day ahead of the original schedule. Once again, thank you for your excellent service.”

A.P. Cebrian, MSS Engineering
Lockheed Missiles & Space Corp

“The people are great: They do what they say they will do in a quality, service-oriented manner.”

Dan Hurly, CMO

“We wish to thank you for your recent efforts beyond the call of duty with our Quality flags. The people using them said they look terrific!”

Gail Samota-Sandoval

“The work that PTS does is incredible.”

Darrin Wacs
Palo Alto Children’s Museum

“The end result worked magnificently. PTS just does fabulous work.”

Bill Elkins, Founder

“Thank you for making the slipcase for my jewelry box and keeping it top secret! I heard you had to make several of them before you were satisfied with the result. I am truly grateful that you put so much care into my project, especially since it was so small.”

Brian Johnson

“When fabric items must look good and be done right, I go to PTS. The people tell you what they can do, do it well, and deliver on time which is unusual today.”

Doug Schwandt
Contractor, NASA

“We consider PTS part of our team. The people are great, they’re knowledgeable about various materials, and they provide great service.”

Tom Fitzmorris

“If you can visualize it, they can make it. They’re great people. They’re awesome.”

Imraan Aziz

“Thank you for making this job so easy. I’d have been up a week without you!”

Design Inside Out, Inc.

“Your cooperation and service were instrumental in the successful completion of this project. We look forward to working with you again.”

R.C. Chevalier
Hi-Test Laboratories